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Buyer Hospitality Terms & Conditions



We’re excited that you want to join us in Venice for MICE Trade Show!

As Hosted Buyer you will be our guests for the following services:

  • Private transfer to and from the hotel on arrival and departure

  • Overnights stays in DUS, B/B basis in one of the best hotels in Venice

  • N. 3 half-day sessions of B2B meetings

  • N. 1 half day of experiential activities, visits  and site inspections

  • N. 2 dinner parties

  • Les Must the experiential trips before the event 


How to take part as a Hosted buyer: 

  1. Please fill in the enquiry form on this link.

  2. If accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from the Buyer Office with details of your stay and the services provided for you.

  3. For organisational needs please send flight tickets to the Hospitality  office within 10 days of confirmation.

If accepted on to the hosted buyer programme you are committed to participate in MICE Trade Show as per following terms conditions and regulation.

Buyer hospitality Regulations

1) By submitting his profile, the applicant is agreeing to the Buyer Hospitality Terms and Conditions as set out below.

2)  Compilation of the Application Form does not guarantee automatic acceptance.

3) Free hospitality is given to 1 delegate per Company according to the terms indicated below and it is referred to: 
a) Accommodation during the event dates in one of the best hotel of the destination
b) Organised transfers upon arrival and departure and for any activity scheduled in the programme.
c) Lunches, dinners, receptions, parties and all activities foreseen by the programme
d) Admission to the workshop with pre-scheduled appointments agenda.
e) Opportunity to participate in scheduled experiential trips, subject to availability.

4) Any extra cost will be charged at the Buyer’s expense.  
a) extras and any personal expenses
b) any upgrade concerning hotel room 
c) any extension of stay
d) travel costs and insurance and health insurance
e) excess baggage and any other cost/expense not specified

5) Extra expenses have to be paid before departure 

6) Hosted buyer qualification procedure.

  • The candidate sends the completed application form. To be valid, all parts of the form must be completed. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

  • The application and the programme chosen by the candidate are accepted by the Buyer Office.  

  • The candidate will send the Buyer Office the details of their return flight tickets within 10 days from confirmation. Times must be compatible with the confirmed programme.

7) Hosted buyer commitments 

The granting of free hospitality to the buyer is offered only in accordance with the following conditions:

a) respect the meetings scheduled in agenda with Suppliers as assigned by the Organizing Secretariat

b) prohibition to modify the schedule of meetings by anticipating or postponing them at all.

c) on-time participation in all the functions (lunches, dinners) planned during the show
d) to strictly respect times scheduled for each activity, transfers included

8) It is strictly prohibited during the entire period of the event  to meet / receive non-accredited operators at the event,  participate in third-party programs or initiatives (such as site inspections) not included in the program of the event for which buyer are hosted.
9) The lack of compliance with even a single condition referred to in the previous point determines the immediate forfeiture of the status of "Guest" and  consequently commits the Buyer to the payment of the participation fee  and any additional product accessory cost at the bottom of the list.

10) Cancellations
Cancellations must be notified via email to: and are to be considered effective only upon receipt of written acknowledgment by the Buyer Office.
No fee is applied for cancellations received within the deadline 30 days before the event.

11) No Show
The No Show penality is applied in the event a Hosted Buyer does not respect the appointment schedule and/or does not participate in one of the scheduled events.
The penalty for No Show is € 500.00

Cancellation for COVID-19

In the event of cancellation due to COVID-19 infection, no penalty will be charged as long as a copy of the transgenic analysis carried out is provided at the time of cancellation.

12) Substitution
Hosted buyer status is personal and cannot be transferred.
In the event of a cancellation, the replacement can only be authorized by the Buyer Office if the person meets the qualification criteria.
If the replacement is not accepted, the expected penalty will be applied to the hosted buyer

Ancora 1

Hospitality terms & Conditions

1) EMI - Eureka MICE International Ltd is pleased to host at its events qualified managers, decision makers of organizing agencies with authority over their company’s event portfolio with high-end events in planning and interested in the attending destinations.

2) By submitting his profile, the applicant is agreeing to the Hosted buyers Regulation and Hospitality Terms and Conditions  

3) It is responsibility of each hosted buyer to ensure that he can travel on the dates he has selected and that he has the necessary and valid travel documentation: passport, visas if applicable.
4) Acceptance of the application will be confirmed by email by Buyers Office. Eureka MICE International  reserves the right to decline any application without reason, although the eventual denial would normally communicate by the Buyers Office directly to the applicant.

5) Eureka MICE International  reserves the right to make changes to the event format, content and  scheduling of the event. Should the event format change  Hosted Buyers attendance will remain unchanged and they will still be committed to attend all their meetings.

6) Eureka MICE International is not responsabile for any inconvenience caused by changes, suspensions, reschedule or cancellation of trips by flight or rail carrier. Eureka MICE International is not responsible for any loss of baggage.

7) Eureka MICE International  is not responsible for the acts which caused the damage for the following reasons:

- the act or the fault are attributable to the Hosted Buyer;

- the act or the fault are attributable to third parties connected or not connected to the services provided to the Buyer or they are unforeseeable or inevitable;

 - the act or the fault are attributable to natural disasters or acts of God out of Eureka MICE International’s control including (but not limited to): acts of   war, revolts, riots, inevitable technical problems connected to transport, airports, terrorist acts, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, pandemic, infections, diseases, sanitary emergency or adverse weather  conditions, unforeseeable events.

N.B.: Each Buyer is responsible for his/her own safety and for caring about personal objects. A suitable insurance policy is recommended.

8) Unforeseeable events: Eureka MICE International and its consultants/partners are not  responsible for any damage due to cancellation, postponement or shortening, in toto or in part, of the event owing to reasons not dependant on their control. At the same time Eureka MICE International and its consultants/partners are not responsible for loss, damage or delay due to acts of war, thefts, plundering, acts of terrorism, civil disorders, strikes, military  activities, pandemic, sanitary emergency or other circumstances in which it should be impossible to Eureka MICE International to guarantee the event in the scheduled period and location.

9)Eureka MICE International cannot be responsible for any dispute with the hosting Country, its sponsors or other bodies related to any aspect of the event  capable to cause damage to the  Hosted Buyer.

10) By filling in Buyer Profile applicants agree to allow Eureka MICE International  to electronically retain the business data, contact details & personal information within its database, as well as publishing the company profile on the digital catalogue. The contact details will be shared only with the suppliers have a pre-scheduled meeting during  the event.

11) The Hosted Buyer gives Eureka MICE International the consent to publish photos/videos of him/herself taken during the event.

The court of Malta shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and conditions mentioned above.
N.B.: This document is an integral part of the application form for the event selected. A signed Application form sent by the Buyer means total acceptance of all clauses quoted in this document. The Hosted Buyer also accept to receive communication such as newsletter from Eureka MICE and its partners.

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