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Regulation & General Conditions


  1. Participation in the Workshop is by invitation.

  2. Admission is strictly limited to Suppliers able to propose deals in line with the planning of  participating Buyers.

  3. Eureka MICE reserves the right to reconfirm participation after assesment that the stated requirements have been met. 

  4. By participating in the Workshop, Suppliers will have an opportunity to meet at appointed times selected Buyers with scheduled events of potential interest to them. In order to allow Suppliers to choose the Buyers to meet and to prepare for the appointment with targeted proposals and presentations, the Organizing Secretariat will provide them with all available information concerning both the organizers and the scheduling.

  5. Eureka MICE International guarantees the professional quality of Buyers, the accuracy of the information provided and the concrete nature of their planning, as well as the arrangement of meetings during the event. It is not, however, responsible for the outcome of said meetings and of any transaction, inasmuch as subject to circumstances completely beyond its control.

  6. Eureka MICE International contractually guarantees the presence at the event of a minimum number of Buyers specifically interested in the typology of offer of the Supplier. In the event that the minimum guaranteed number is not reached, Eureka MICE International will attend to so informing the Supplier in good time. In this case, a refund of €100.00 will be recognized for each less Buyer. If the number of Buyers is less than 10, the Operator may decline their participation by receiving a credit equal to 100% of the fee paid to be used for participation in future editions.

  7. The guarantee as per the preceding point shall not apply should failure to reach the guaranteed minimum number of Buyers be due to circumstances beyond the control of Eureka MICE as specified in the General Terms.

  8. The Organizing Secretariat will attend to providing the Suppliers participating in the event with all available information that by law may be communicated regarding each Buyer and the profile of the organizing activity performed. With reference to Buyers belonging to the associative-congress market, in relation to their particular typology it shall not provide personal contact details. Unlike other segments of the MICE market, these Buyers carry on activities completely different from those to which the event refers and furthermore, in most cases, represent non-commercial subjects. This is the reason why the law in force on privacy expressly prohibits the disclosure on the part of a third party of sensitive information pertaining to them, such as personal contact details including addresses and telephone numbers. It is therefore up to each Operator to obtain directly from the Buyers of interest the references for any subsequent direct contact, bearing in mind that is the unquestionable right of the Buyer to decide whether or not to provide such data to the Supplier.

  9. It is expressly prohibited for Suppliers to contact Buyers prior to the Workshop. Failure to observe this rule, in addition to violating the privacy of the Buyer, is detrimental to other colleagues participating in the Workshop and is harmful to the organization, that is obliged to safeguard the confidentiality and the privacy of Buyers. In the event of a verified violation of this rule, the Operator shall forfeit the right to participate in the event, while remaining obliged to the payment of the fees provided for, which will be kept by the organization as compensation for the damage caused.

  10. Subsequent to the settlement of the fee, several days prior to the Workshop, each Supplier will be enabled to check on-line the profiles of  participating Buyers and will have at his/her disposal two working days (48 hours) to select the Buyers whom he/she is interested in meeting and to report the same to the Organizing Secretariat. Should this time limit expire without expression being made of such preferences, the Organizing Secretariat will attend to arranging the appointments ex officio taking into account the compatibility with the profiles of Buyers.

  11. Upon completion of onsite registration at the Workshop Registration Desk, the Supplier will receive the online catalogue and the personal agenda of the Workshop, with the schedule of appointments with the Buyers.

  12. In case of the unforeseeable no-show of a Buyer listed in the Supplier's appointments agenda, the organization will attend to replacing the same with another one, choosing among the preferences indicated by the Supplier or on the basis of indications of Buyers whose planning is focused on the Operator’s product typology.

  13. It is the Supplier's duty to report immediately to the hall assistants should a Buyer listed on his/her appointments agenda fail to show up at the appointed time and place. This will allow the staff to track down said Buyer and immediately briong him/her to the Supplier's Desk, or possibly agree to arrange a new appointment ad hoc. Should it prove impossible to reschedule the appointment, the Organizing Secretariat will provide the Supplier with all the references and assistance necessary for contacting the Buyer after the Workshop.  
In this case, the operator will receive an indemnity equal to 50% of the contact cost as a credit to be used for participation in a future edition.

  14. The guarantee in the previous point has no value if the failure to reach the guaranteed minimum number of Buyers is due to force majeure as specified in the General Conditions.

  15. The use of both personal data and all company and programmatic references pertaining to the participating Buyers is granted exclusively to Suppliers regularly registered to the limited extent of aspects connected with meetings within the sphere of the Workshop. Any other use is therefore strictly prohibited and, pursuant to the international normative provisions in the matter of Privacy, subject to criminal prosecution. Insofar as pertains to the competence of Eureka MICE International Ltd., the disclosure to a third party of names and/or other references concerning the participating Buyers will be considered for all intents and purposes an abuse for which monetary compensation may be claimed in the sum of € 20,000.00 (twenty thousand), without prejudice to indemnity for any greater injury (that may be) suffered. 

General Conditions

  1. Registration to services and events organized by Eureka MICE International Ltd. (hereinafter called “the Organization”) may be sent from any hotel, congress centre, hotel chain, convention bureau, promotional consortium, product club and so on (hereinafter called “Suppliers”) through the duly filled in Registration form, and concurrent payment of the downpayment/deposit in it specified.

  2. The sending of the Registration form indicates a formal engagement on the part of the Supplier. 

  3. Registration terms: forwarding of Form and downpayment/deposit.

  4. Registration fees include all services as indicated in the Registration form of each event/service. 

  5. Once confirmation of the registration is received, the Supplier cannot withdraw from the contract and is committed to pay the full fee. In any case, if the Supplier fails to pay the settlement of the fee according to the terms of the Registration form, or fails to attend the event, Eureka MICE International Ltd shall have the right to withhold any sum already paid by the Supplier.

  6. Invoices will be issued by Eureka MICE International Ltd, established in Malta.

  7. Full payment of the fee is an essential condition for online checking of Buyers' profiles before the event, for gaining access to the Workshop area and taking part in all scheduled meetings. In the absence of payment, the IT system will not allow the arrangement of such scheduled meetings to proceed. Suppliers are anyway still required to pay the whole registration fee, even if they have not been able to participate in the scheduled meetings due to their failure to pay their fee in good time.

  8. If a Supplier fails to settle their fees within the scheduled deadlines or fails to attend the event, the Organization will have the right to withhold any amount already paid by the Supplier and require the settlement of any outstanding amount.

  9. The efficiency of the events/services depends above all on Suppliers punctually observing the various deadlines. To help us provide these services it is vitally important for Suppliers to cooperate in this sense. Failure to do so risks to jeopardize the success and also the outcomes of events. In this case, the Organization cannot guarantee the perfect supply of services. 

  10. Place availability for social events is limited and will be re-confirmed following the order of reservation. 

  11. If hotel accommodation is included in the fee, the organization can decide to apply a discount should the Supplier not require it. No refunds are given in case of late cancellations of bookings or no-shows. Those Suppliers interested in hotel reservations (when not included in the fee) will find all necessary information on the website. Suppliers will have the opportunity to reserve their room directly. The Secretariat is not responsible of reservations and dealings between Suppliers and hotels. 

  12. In the event that Eureka MICE International  cancels an event for any reason, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another Eureka MICE International event to be mutually agreed with Eureka MICE International, which must occur within one year from the date of cancellation.

  13. In the event that Eureka MICE International postpones an event for any reason and the Supplier is unable or unwilling to attend in on the rescheduled date, he will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. He may use this credit for another Eureka MICE International event to be mutually agreed with Eureka MICE International, which must occur within two years from the date of postponement.

  14. Except as specified above, no credits will be issued for cancellations. There are no refunds given under any circumstances.

  15. Eureka MICE International is not responsible for any loss or damage, cost, expense, loss of profit, punitive damage, damage to public image and any further damage by the Supplier suffered as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. EMI Eureka MICE International shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this event is cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or shortening due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of the event impracticable, illegal or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: wars, fire, revolts, riots, strikes, health emergencies or other emergency, inevitable technical problems connected to transports, closing or congestion of airports, terrorist acts, natural or nuclear disasters, fires or adverse weather conditions, unforeseeable events.

  16. Please note that while buyers were confirmed at the time of publishing, circumstances beyond the control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the buyers. As such, Eureka MICE International reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised buyers if necessary without any liability to you whatsoever. 

  17. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible.

  18. In case of insufficient number of subscriptions to an event, the Organization reserves the right to postpone anticipate or cancel it up to 15 days prior to the event. In case of postponement, the organization will inform the Supplier about the new date scheduled. If the new scheduled date is not workable for the Supplier, he will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. He may use this credit for another Eureka MICE International event to be mutually agreed with Eureka MICE International, which must occur within two years from the date of postponement.

  19. Each Supplier is responsible for his/her own safety and for caring about personal objects. A suitable insurance policy is recommended. 

  20. Suppliers give Eureka MICE International the consent for publishing photos/videos of themselves (including photos/videos of any companion) taken during the event both in the event website and in the event directory.

  21. Unforeseeable events: Eureka MICE International Ltd and its consultants/partners are not responsible for any damage due to cancellation, postponement or shortening, totally or in part, of the event owing to reasons not dependent on their control. At the same time Eureka MICE International Ltd and its consultants/partners are not responsible for the loss, damage or delay due to acts of war, thefts, plundering, acts of terrorism, civil disorders, strikes, military activities or other circumstances in which it should be impossible to Eureka MICE International Ltd to guarantee the performance of the event in the scheduled period and location. 

  22. Eureka MICE International Ltd cannot be responsible for any dispute with the hosting Country, its sponsors or other bodies related to any aspect of the event capable to cause damage to the Supplier. 

  23. Eureka MICE International Ltd reserves the right to change the scheduling of the event. 

  24. In relation to technical, logistic and organizational needs of the event and in order to guarantee to participant Suppliers the most convenient and incisive trading between Demand and Supplier, Eureka MICE International Ltd reserves the right to modify the programme and the procedures of appointments, honouring the schedule in any way. 

  25. The use of all data (personal data, all company references and all data concerning the event planning) and any other information related to attending Buyers received through the Organization (the “Reserved information”) is allowed only to those Suppliers up to date with payments and registration, and are limited to aspects connected with promo-business encounters held during the Workshop, according to the following regulations. The Supplier undertakes not to publicize, communicate and spread the Reserved Information concerning Buyers in any way (for example, orally and in writing or through the web) to any person or party. The Supplier undertakes to protect the Reserved Information privacy and to use any appropriate method to assure this kind of protection. For this reason, any different use is rigorously forbidden and shall be prosecute, according to the international privacy laws. As far as Eureka MICE International Ltd is concerned, in case of divulgation and/or use of Reserved Information concerning Buyers in violation of the previous regulations, the Supplier must pay to the Organization the sum of € 20,000.00 (twenty thousand) as penalty, without prejudice to indemnity for any greater injury (that may be) suffered. 

  26. This document is an integral part of the Registration Form. The sending of a Signed Registration Form from the part of the Supplier means the total acceptance of all clauses quoted in this document. 

  27. APPLICABLE LAW – This document is regulated according to the Maltese law. 

  28. JURISDICTION - The Court of la Valletta, Malta, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes between the Organization and the Supplier relating to the terms and conditions mentioned in this document concerning the subscription and participation in Workshops or other promotional events.

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