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Press conferences

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MICE Trade Show 2024 will be attended by journalists from some of the most prestigious national and international lifestyle, fashion and opinion publications interested in learning about and sharing the most exciting and innovative experiential proposals of destinations and venues dedicated to high-spending clients.
On 13 and 14 November, an intensive programme of press conferences, press briefings and interviews will be held in the Press Room in Piazza San Marco.

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Press Hub
The Home of The Human Safety Net 
Procuratie Vecchie - Piazza San Marco

  • International magazines and media groups involved with journalists and editors present (no advertising)

from the following sectors:

  • High-end tourism

  • Lifestyle

  • Wellbeing - Wellness

  • Food & Wine

  • Art & Culture

  • Fashion

  • Opinion

  • Economic-financial

Confirmed attending media

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meetings with excellence
Press Hub - Workspace, 13 and 14 November 2024

 the most exclusive and exciting proposals

The Press Office will take care of your every need: from the preparation of press releases and documentation for dissemination, to the preparation and distribution of press kits; from sending invitations and press releases to the accredited publications, to organising the briefing with the moderator, from coordinating the technical direction and support staff to any necessary ancillary services;

Thematic presentations

Special and exclusive experiences presented to journalists by the direct referents introduced and coordinated by the meeting host, (a journalist specialising in the topic) with the support of state-of-the-art technology.
Up to 5 referees may participate in each meeting, which lasts a total of 50 minutes.
Interviews with journalists may follow in the Workspace area.

Press briefings

With journalists interested in the client's experiential proposals and coordinated by professional presenters with the support of state-of-the-art technology


Interviews are organised with the involvement of journalists from the client's media of interest. Hostess assistance and audio-visual support

Press Conferences

The Press Conference is part of the official MICE Trade Show programme and is organised in 'The Hall', Auditorium of the Press Hub, with the participation of all accredited press and media

Sensory pathway

The typical features of the destination recreated in a small prestigious space full of emotions

Editorials and Newsletters

Maverick Les Must is the thematic newsletter dedicated to excellent experiential proposals for high-spending MICE customers.

1) Editorials
Editorial articles related to the subject matter of the publication, approximately one and a half pages long, in English, based on documentation produced by the client and accompanied by 3 high-definition photos.

2) Dedicated special editions
Realised in English language on interview by the journalist and on documentation, accompanied by high-definition photos, provided by the client.

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