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Media Hospitality Conditions

EMI - Eureka MICE International Ltd (as defined herein below Eureka MICE International) is delighted to host in its Events Journalists,  writers, editors in travel and lifestyle media, who are established name of  international-leading publication or  freelancer (no advertising sellers) are interested to develop relationships with senior representatives of the most charming Mediterranean destinations and  locations that proposing innovative journey solutions for high end events attending MICE Trade Show, who adhere to the requirements below and have expressly requested to take part in the event, in order to evaluate solutions for their events.

1) Hospitality is given as specified below:

For the number of days required for the undertaking of programmed appointments:

- Hotel accommodation in one of our partner Hotels will be provided for one or more nights in relation to their scheduled program of appointments. Hospitality includes: 
- Press conferences, workshop and event attendance, organizational support for appointments and the agenda, press kit and customized 
documentation, reserved access to the Workshop website, assistance of Eureka MICE International staff, working lunch, buvette. 
- All lunches and dinners, official events, visits and excursions as scheduled by the general program within the period of stay.
- Shuttles and transfers according to the program.

- Hospitality for two-way travel is given at the Organizing Secretariat discretion to Media representatives having a cooperation with Eureka MICE International

2) Media representative who, possessing the necessary requirements as indicated above, wish to ask for free participation have to duly fill in the Application          Form in every part (at the risk of the document not being accepted).
    Compilation of the Application Form does not guarantee automatic acceptance.

    The Application Form will be submitted to the Organizing Secretariat the requests according to the following criteria: 
     1) Place availability. 
     2) “Matching”: correspondence between  the type of media with the character and the type of offer  present at the event.

3) Free hospitality is given according to the terms indicated in the previous points and it is referred to: 

    a) Two-way travel: flight or railway ticket in economy class. Tickets will be provided by the Hosted Media Office. 

    c) Hotel accommodation in B/B basis in double used as single room for the scheduled nights. 
    d) Participation in the scheduled official evenings, dinners, working-lunches, transfers, excursions and any sightseeing. 

4) Hosted Medias are required to pay all expenses which are not expressly indicated and in particular: 

     a) extras and any personal expenses, to be paid before departure; 
     b) any upgrade concerning hotel room or travel (flight and/or railway); 
     c) any extension of stay (this might be required to the Hosted Buyer Office which can try to obtain special tariffs)
     d) travel insurance;

     e) parking expenses.

5) Hospitality and the status of Hosted Media are not transferable.

6) Eureka MICE International is not responsabile for any inconvenience caused by changes, suspensions, reschedule or cancellation of trips by flight or rail            carrier. Eureka MICE International is not responsible for any loss of baggage.

7) Flight tickets are nominal and not transferable. Baggage allowance is indicated by the flight carrier. Any extra cost will be charged at the Media’s expense.

8) The granting of free hospitality to the Media is offered only in accordance with the following conditions:
    1.8) Respect the conferences and meetings scheduled as assigned by the Organizing Secretariat.
    2.8) Prohibition to modify the schedule of meetings by anticipating or postponing them at all.
    3.8) On-time participation in:
           a)  Conferences, events, B2B Meetings required  by the Hosted Media;
           b)  Presentations of the Suppliers,
           c) Transfers and events as indicated in the program.

    4.8) It is strictly prohibited during the entire period of your stay (from your arrival to your departure) to meet / receive non-accredited operators at the event,             participate in third-party programs or initiatives (such as site inspections) not included in the program of the event for which you are hosted.

9) The lack of compliance with even a single condition referred to in the previous point determines the immediate forfeiture of the status of "Guest" and                consequently commits the Media to the payment of the participation fee of € 500.00 and any additional product accessory cost at the bottom of the list,          which will be simultaneously withheld from the credit card as a guarantee.

10) Credit card details will be required to the Hosted Media as guarantee of flight ticket, hotel accommodation, on site services.

      A security deposit of 500.00 euro will be charged, to be unlocked at the end of the workshop.

11) Credit card details are mandatory for registration. 

12) Penalty fees will be applied as follows:
      a) In case of cancellation of participation after the issuing of the ticket, the Hosted Media will be  committed to pay the total cost of the ticket.
      b) In case of cancellation 20 days before the beginning of the event, the Media will be charged for Hotel accommodation in addition to the cost of the travel

      c) If Hosted Media fails to attend all or part of scheduled appointments, presentations or social events, he will have to pay the Hotel accommodation, the                travel ticket and all the services scheduled according to the program. 
      d) The above mentioned fees will be charged on the credit card provided by the Hosted Media once the confirmation of participation is received.

13) Eureka MICE International takes charge of any damage caused to a Media representative  as a consequence of his/her attendance in the event, except when Eureka MICE International is not responsible for the acts which caused the damage for the following reasons: 
      - the act or the fault are attributable to the Hosted Media; 
      - the act or the fault are attributable to third parties connected or not connected to the services provided to the Media or they are unforeseeable or                        inevitable:
      - the act or the fault are attributable to natural disasters or acts of God out of Eureka MICE International’s control including (but not limited to): acts of                war, revolts, riots, inevitable technical problems connected to transport, airports, terrorist acts, natural or nuclear disasters, pandemics, fires or adverse              weather conditions, unforeseeable events.

 14) Each Hosted Media is responsible for his/her own safety and for caring about personal objects. A suitable insurance policy is recommended.

15) Unforeseeable events: Eureka MICE International and its consultants/partners are not  responsible for any damage due to cancellation, postponement or            shortening, in toto or in part, of the event owing to reasons not dependant on their control. At the same time Eureka MICE International and its                          consultants/partners are not responsible for loss, damage or delay due to acts of war, thefts, plundering, acts of terrorism, civil disorders, strikes,                      military  activities or other circumstances in which it should be impossible to Eureka MICE International to guarantee the event in the scheduled period            and location.

16) Eureka MICE International reserves the right to change the scheduling of the event.

17) Eureka MICE International cannot be responsible for any dispute with the hosting Country, its sponsors or other bodies related to any aspect of the event            capable to cause damage to the  Hosted Media.

18) The Hosted Media gives Eureka MICE International the consent to publish photos/videos of him/herself taken during the event (including photo/videos of            any companion).

      The court of Malta shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

N.B.: This document is an integral part of the application form for the event selected. A signed Application form sent by the Media means total acceptance of all clauses quoted in this document. The Hosted Media also accept to receive communication such as newsletter from Eureka MICE and its partners.

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