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Let's take care of our planet

Never has it been so important to make sustainable choices, for us and the future of our planet.

Every aspect of the organisational process can become eco-friendly, from organisational systems to the choice of media and materials.

For us at Eureka MICE International, this is a priority that embodies our projects and has influenced our actions, prompting us to devise new logistical and organisational procedures that are both environmentally friendly and in line with new market trends. 

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Widespread events

Widespread events represent a new logistical concept of the event, which rather than being concentrated in a single structure, is spread across a destination, working in osmosis with its social, economic and cultural fabric.

This approach responds to the new trends in high-end markets, which are looking for deeper, more authentic and personalised contact with the destination and its values.



Paperless events

We have designed and produced native systems and apps that simplify the organisation of our events, thanks to which we have managed to eliminate over 90% of the material that damages or otherwise impacts the environment.

In addition, this approach responds to the current health and safety requirements to avoid the exchange and unrestricted use of materials. 

Communications, information, appointments diaries, the programme, the catalogue and participant profiles are all digitised.

The Eureka MICE International app, which can be downloaded free of charge from all web stores, gives you immediate access to the whole event with just one click. It is intuitive and extremely easy to use, and therefore does not need any instructions. 

Among the many possibilities,  you can gain access to a complete profile of the participants (buyers and sellers) in real time by simply framing the QR code of the badge with your smartphone, or to be accredited in comfort from your hotel room with a simple flag on arrival, and of course to be interconnected with the event and its participants.


Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with this technology!

We know that the digitisation process needs time before it truly comes of age. For those who request it, we will therefore be happy to provide any support and any paper documents necessary.



Inspiration: the digital revolution for promotional systems

Inspiration is the 3D digital platform for meeting and exchange between supply and demand in the high-end MICE market.
Organised by the sectors and experiential areas that determine the decisions of high-spending clients, Inspiration contains all the promotional tools, information and documentation needed. It enables operators to promote their areas of excellence simultaneously in all related fields, and buyers to quickly identify the solutions they are interested in and obtain in real time all the information and contact details they need at operators’ digital stands and from the podcast.