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More than a traditional workshop, and more focused and customised than a trade fair, MICE Trade Show puts meetings between buyers and sellers on a more in-depth and effective promotional/commercial level.

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15th - 17th November 



Suppliers attending Mice Trade Show are one

of a kind professionals, whose unique excellency reflects their authenticity and true quality.

This excellency, expressed beyond common standardized criterion like stars or similar, offers to their clients a chance to meet the "Genius loci": the essence, the spirit within the place they are visiting


Worldwide buyers involved in our activity of promotion and selection


Buyer-supplier ratio


Percentage of buyers who have clinched business deals with suppliers they met at MICE Trade Show


Average number of events negotiated at each

MICE Trade Show

Intervista media

Have your say!

At the MICE trade show, you'll have the chance to meet over 30 journalists from the most prestigious lifestyle, fashion, opinion and travel media



Mucchio di giornali
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What we are looking for

scelta migliore

Suppliers proposing unusual high-end experiences for top MICE Clients

100% Premium Quality

Top quality, authenticity, unusuality and charm in all the experiences proposed


High emotion & low impact approach

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What you will find

  • Motivated buyers, carefully selected based on their commercial potential 

In order to maximise the promotional potential of participating operators, buyer scouting in the target markets is extended to new sectors and emerging professionals able to guarantee concrete business opportunities, particularly in the short and medium term. 

  • High ratio between buyer and supplier of 2 to 1

  • High number of guaranteed B2B meetings with buyers having their business focuses on your field of activity

  • You will choose the buyers you’d like to meet after analysing their profiles and schedules online

  • Meetings held in exclusive, intimate and customised settings, ideal for more intense promotional and commercial interaction

  • Networking evenings will be held in large, evocative and exciting  settings

  • Solutions with 35, 45 or 60 scheduled appointments with buyers whose  business focuses on the typology of your activity (15 minutes each):

• Pre-scheduled meetings at your desk on the first and second day

• Pre-scheduled meetings at buyers' desks on the third day

  • Ability to arrange presentations and interviews with journalists from some of the leading international lifestyle magazines attending the event (no advertising)

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Red Plan

35 appointments

Blue Plan

45 appointments

Gold Plan

60 appointments

What our clients say

“Perfect hospitality for an event devised in an intelligent way. A major event is imminent on the horizon for our hotel next year, I can’t but go back satisfied from this experience.”

Sergio Russo, Sales Manager, Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice


 Med Market was a new opportunity for me and one that offered the chance to meet an amazing number of buyers with concrete interest; in fact we received various offers. We will definitely be back again next year.

Giacomo Sarnatoro - General Manager - Hotel La Palma - Capri


Fully satisfied with my appointments. Days of hard work with Buyers difficult to be found in other contexts. Eurekamice workshops are an experience to be repeated.

Pia Kroon - Account Director Hilton Worldwide


This has been our first ‘Meet in Med’ Workshop – meeting highly qualified buyers who can actually influence where the business goes, efficiently scheduled so as not to waste time, and having a wonderful venue for an exceptional networking dinner to close it all off makes it one not to be missed

Fabien Vella - Sales Director, Hilton Malta


We have been attending Eurekamice events for about 18 months, and I must say that so far we have been very satisfied. Alessandra and Giancarlo are two professionals with a very engaging and proactive approach to everything they do.

Here at Med Market I found top-quality buyers and interest in our product.

Stefano Fieramonte- Events Office - Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal - Venezia

Register your interest to allow us to plan your best and most effective participation

Register your interest

Register your interest

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 Should you wish to receive further info, please fill in and send us the form at this link

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